Our Company

About Us

Based in Ontario, Canada, Envirotech is proud to help companies throughout North America with environmental compliance services so that owners and managers can focus on running a successful business. Learn about our company, philosophy, and values.

Our Company

We make every effort to provide practical and relevant support and advice to meet your needs and budget. We optimize resources and maximize the best available technologies to deal with your environmental concerns.

Our Promise

Our promise is to approach every situation with enthusiasm, every difficulty with an open mind, and every problem as an opportunity to improve and learn. We work hard to assure we represent the company and ourselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We deliver our value in a way that will foster team participation, the highest quality service and success for both our clients and our people.

Our Values

Our values are something we strive to uphold each and every day. They include:

  • Delivering Value That Directly Contributes To Client Success
  • Nurturing Our Reputation for Integrity, Intelligence, and Results
  • Cultivating a Rich Network To Benefit Clients, Peers & Community
  • Continually Learning, Improving, and Growing
  •  Balancing Judgment and Strategic Focus for Sustainable Success

Our Team

We are a new breed whose values reflect today's society with an environmental conscience and a passion for work life balance. Environmental professionals who are helping business create a more sustainable planet while taking our skills into new frontiers.  We are cool, energized, savvy and deliver The Envirotech Quality Promise.

Our History


It all started with our clients who wanted to know how to meet environmental regulations to operate in Canada. These are ever changing and now over 100 programs require compliance reporting and payment of fees. We began working with small to mid-sized operations and then began receiving referrals after working with our first global multi-national company. Soon our client base grew and today we are proud to serve many corporations throughout Canada and North America.

Environmental law in Canada requires that business adhere to numerous regulations. It can be overwhelming to determine if your company meets these requirements. Business comes to us often facing penalties or shut down. Our team works hard to get the approvals you need to operate in a greening world. We take care of all your compliance reporting and enquiries from a multitude of agencies in the environmental stewardship realm. Our green accounting team knows how to design, build and operate an environmental stewardship management system that fits your business operation. 

We also handle the audit and payment process for EHFs (environmental handling fees) or eco fees. For those of you who want to do it yourself, we now offer a DIY Help Desk and Tools sharing our knowledge and experience with a support system that stays on top of all the rules so you don’t have to.