Envirotech Do it Yourself Service

Envirotech Do-it-Yourself Package

Our Green DIY Package

Our Do-it-Yourself packages are designed for small to mid-sized businesses at an affordable price. You have access to expert resources to assure you avoid the costly pitfalls of non environmental compliance. These stewardship programs are the law, there are costs and it can be overwhelming.  Our simple three step process will get you on your way. We also offer a Help Desk Support Subscription so you can call us after you start in case you need to check in or are facing an agency audit.

We Deal With These Environmental Compliance Agencies:

Multi Material/PPP Recycling

  • CSSA - Back Office for MB, SK, BC, ON
  • EEQ  Éco Entreprises Québec
  • MMSM - Stewardship Manitoba
  • MMSW - Stewardship Saskatchewan 
  • Recycle BC - formerly MMBC Multi Material British Columbia 
  • Stewardship Ontario 

Specific Materials Recycling

  • ARMA - Alberta Recycling Management
  • ABCRC - Alberta Container Recycling
  • AUOMA - AB Used Oil
  • BCUOMA - BC Used Oil
  • AMS Automotive Material Stewardship
  • BCMB Beverage - AB
  • BGE Beverage QU
  • Call2Recycle Batteries Recycling
  • CESA BC Small Appliances
  • CBCRC - MB Beverage
  • Divert Nova Scotia
  • Eco Peinture - QU Paint
  • Encorp Return It - BC Beverage
  • EPRA - Electronic Products Recycling Association

  • Recycle New Brunswick
  • HPSA - Health Products Stewardship
  • OPEIC Outdoor Power Equipment BC
  • MARR Major Appliances BC
  • MARRC - MB Used Oil
  • MMSB Newfoundland & Labrador
  • PCA - Product Care Association
  • PEI Princeedwardisland.ca
  • SARCAN - Beverage SK
  • SARRC - SK Used Oil
  • SOGHU - Used Oil QU, NB, PE
  • Stewardship Ontario – MHSW
  • TSBC - Tire Stewardship BC
  • UOMA - Used Oil Management Association

Simple Three Step Process

Help Desk Subscription

Once you are all set up, you can either run with it or get a Help Desk Subscription for access to our experts.

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