Product Stewardship

Green Made Easy With Envirotech Advantage™

Trusted by some of the worlds most recognizable brands, we are a leader in environmental compliance services .We deliver timely, accurate and efficient environmental compliance service for over 100 stewardship programs across North America. We meet regularly with all government stewardship agencies and stay current on mandatory program requirements - so you don't have to. We pride ourselves on being the most cost effective and productive green accounting solution in the market.

Green Accounting & Compliance

Environmental Accounting and Compliance services

Product Stewardship, also known as EPR or Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR), means you have a mandatory obligation to share the cost of recycling and waste management driven by the products you sell into the market. Essentially, it means that if you sell it, you pay it. Our expertise brings clarity to the Green Regulatory Compliance space and ensures you don't pay more than you have to.

Data Management

Envirotech Associates Ltd. Data collection and Analysis

As accountants, we know data collection and analysis. Data management is crucial to knowing you are on top of your environmental compliance risk. Envirotech has proprietary tools to look at multi-material reporting, ongoing change management, and targeted material reporting on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Envirotech Associates Ltd. Environmental Handling Fees (EHF)

Environmental Handling Fees (EHF)

Know exactly what you're paying for and how much you're spending when it comes to EHFs. Our green accounting services include building your stewardship system and all compliance reporting as well as:

  • Budgeting & Latest Estimates 
  • Aged Payment Monitoring 
  • Assessment & Compliance Reviews
  • Agency Audit Support 
  • Envirotech Payment Services 
  • Brand & Product Margin Impact Analysis 
  • Supplier Chargeback Reporting 

Knowing where you stand to meet regulatory compliance is necessary to operate in Canada.  Our green audit and compliance service includes:

  • Packaging & Product Assessments 
  • All Mandatory Programs and Agencies 
  • Agency Audit Review and Resolution Services 
  • Government Audit Review & Resolution Services

Environmental Compliance Canada

Your Green Accountant 

Since recycling activity costs money, it can add up to some significant expenditures. If you want to sell in Canada, law requires you pay EHFs. Determine if your costs are complete and where you can scale back.  A green accountant is standing by...

We Deal With These Environmental Compliance Agencies:

Multi Material / PPP Recycling

  • CSSA - Back Office for MB, SK, BC, ON
  • EEQ  Éco Entreprises Québec
  • MMSM - Stewardship Manitoba
  • MMSW - Stewardship Saskatchewan 
  • Recycle BC - formerly MMBC Multi Material British Columbia 
  • Stewardship Ontario 

Specific Materials Recycling

  • ARMA - Alberta Recycling Management
  • ABCRC - Alberta Container Recycling
  • AUOMA - AB Used Oil
  • BCUOMA - BC Used Oil
  • AMS Automotive Material Stewardship
  • BCMB Beverage - AB
  • BGE Beverage QU
  • Call2Recycle Batteries Recycling
  • CESA BC Small Appliances
  • CBCRC - MB Beverage
  • Divert Nova Scotia
  • Eco Peinture - QU Paint
  • Encorp Return It - BC Beverage
  • EPRA - Electronic Products Recycling Association


  • Recycle New Brunswick
  • HPSA - Health Products Stewardship
  • OPEIC Outdoor Power Equipment BC
  • MARR Major Appliances BC
  • MARRC - MB Used Oil
  • MMSB Newfoundland & Labrador
  • PCA - Product Care Association
  • PEI
  • SARCAN - Beverage SK
  • SARRC - SK Used Oil
  • SOGHU - Used Oil QU, NS, NL, PE
  • Stewardship Ontario – MHSW
  • UOMA - Used Oil Management Association